Bug Fixes

Hi everyone! 

First of all, thank you so much for playing. I was not expecting so many players and so many compliments, and for that I'm grateful.

I've heard your feedback and updated the game to fix a couple of issues.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug where you could push a battery inside an orb-controlled tile. (Thanks James and briand)
  • Fixed the bug where you could get stuck inside orb-controlled tiles. (Thanks Phoenix1328)
  • Fixed the bug where the player wouldn't fall if it was connected to a bridge tile (Thanks arandomentertainer)
  • Fixed incorrect body size when getting the star after the first Orb (Thanks Braco0)
  • Fixed rendering issues with the Orb powerup rendering 
  • Fixed the bug where the player wouldn't reset after both ground and spikes  (Thanks stalefish)

For a lot of players, the game would not progress after collecting a puzzle piece or pearl, this is due to the browser not saving progress properly. Now the game is fully playable without relying on saving/loading progress, meaning those crashes won't happen. Sadly, I couldn't find what causes the game to not save for some people, since on my end, everything is working well.

For the people that want to play the game but got stuck due to saving issues, I've made a button that lets you reset the progress of the game making it possible to restart the game, but I can't guarantee that the game will save/load, so if you want to beat the game I recommend doing it on one sitting.

Again, thank you so much everyone for playing the game and leaving your opinion! 
I hope the bug fixes didn't cause any more bugs :)


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Great game, but which developent tool or framework did you use to creat this? It looks very cool, was it Unity or C2 or something else?


Thank you! The game was made with my own engine (C++/SDL2) and then compiled for the web with Emscripten.


I’m happy to help. ^v^